SAT MAY 25, 2019

99 Hops House

7PM - 11PM

"Best Male Vocalist," Reader's Choice Award - River Front Times


Equilibrium / Tim Session

Tim Session puts on a show unlike any other. Recording guitar, bass, ukulele and drum sounds (all live) into a looping machine, Tim is a self-contained one-man jam band. But Tim doesn't just use the looping machine, he plays it and incorporates it into his show like an instrument.


Tim's guitar style is influenced by guitar phenoms Keller Williams, Michael Hedges, Albert King and Jerry Garcia. His songwriting and vocal styling is modeled after legends like Paul McCartney, Bob Marley and Bradley Nowell (of Sublime).


His songs are experimental and indie enough to connect with the thriving, underground music scene-yet catchy and mainstream enough to rank him easily  among  the finest  undiscovered  John  Mayers and Jason Mraz's of the world. He has a stage show that is intimate enough for the smallest coffeehouses, yet powerful enough for much grander stages. Tim is an accomplished vocalist and musician and equally talented as an entertainer, with impressive performances and a bright personality.

Equilibrium - Tim Session
The Call - Tim Session
Wait a Minute - Tim Session